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A New Personal Care Home Idea
Sweet Spirit Elderberry Farm (SSEF)

[October 2003 news release]

Since there are many older folks who knew and liked Tom Molesworth’s Cowboys and Indians High Style, several have suggested we take in as residents here at the Institute and Ranch folks from other states who want to retire where there’s peace and tranquillity, perfect views, lots of recreational activities, none of the stresses found elsewhere, and yet plenty of action.

GH1Accordingly, we have plans to start Sweet Spirit Elderberry Farm for folks who can afford to retire part of, most of, or all of, their year among the gardens and orchards along Post Creek with its old growth Cedar Forest. This is where Pileated Woodpeckers, Flickers, and Grouse nest and play, and where we grow and turn into jams and jellies the wild elderberries, raspberries, strawberries, and other fruits we grow in our orchards. Elders (mostly) among the elderberries, if you will!

Our concept is simple – none of us ever really retire, we just transition to doing other useful and productive activities as long as possible, then simply enjoying the view and the others busy around us. Some are fortunate to retire and start their transition early in life. Some encounter a handicap and retire because of it. Some just need a vacation break from their other life.

GH2Our ranch Guest House now has a new cedar shake roof, and we have plans for modernizing 2 bathrooms and adding a hot tub and game room. The Molesworth Lodge will continue to be used for daytime activities and the Bunk House and Allard Log Homestead will become staff homes. Residents will have full run over the whole ranch.

We’re now taking applications from prospective residents and staff, or contact us by email if this interests you! Sweet Spirit Elderberry Farm will open during the summer of 2005 so folks can think and plan ahead.

American Elder (Sambucus Canadensis):
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source: UConn Plant Database.

Tony O. 10/7/03
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