Notes for Picture 10:
For “Chief Charlo” and “Yellow Shield” paintings, the artist is Henry C. Balink (1862 – 1963), a noted American Indian painter at Santa Fe NM, recorded in many lists of Western Painters.

Notes for Pictures 26, 35, 36:
We have an original notarized affidavit by Mrs. Myra Moss testifying that this Grizzly Bear skin rug and these Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle mounts were already in the Old Lodge when she first came here in 1963 as an occupant; they’re “grandfathered” under the Endangered Species Act so long as they remain in situ.

Notes for Picture 37:
Mary Beth Percival said that Monte Dolack had never been in a Molesworth Lodge before, but liked the furnishings he saw so much and remembered it so well, he did “Leave It to Beavers” from memory later, transferring the furnishings in the Old Lodge into the Allard homestead double log cabin, and bringing beavers up from Post Creek to eat the furniture. Many of Monte’s paintings are humorous, as a surf through his titles and paintings will show. His “Leave It to Beavers” is shown there too, as a print, and as a card. I mailed one of these cards to Terry and Sandy Winchell, as I knew they’d get a charge out of beavers ruining another of their hoped-for commissions.