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  1. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year
  2. MMI&R Glowing in Early Autumn
  3. Mr. Grizzly Visits Again
  4. Guest House Reroofed this Summer
  5. Water as Fuel, More on HYDRO
  6. Hydrogen Production
  7. Hydrogen Fuel
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays

Hi! Wishing you all the Merriest, Happiest, and Best!

From Tony & Polly O. and Phyllis Nowlen, RN,
plus from Sholei Morrow, co-caretaker at MMI&R,
and from Danice Chabot, co-caregiver.

A Wish For You (author unknown)

Today… I wish you a day of ordinary miracles—

  • A fresh pot of coffee you didn’t have to make yourself.
  • An unexpected phone call from an old friend.
  • Green stoplights on your way to work or shop.

I wish you a day of little things to rejoice in…

  • The fastest line at the grocery store.
  • A good sing along song on the radio.
  • Your keys right where you look.

I wish you a day of happiness and little bite-size pieces of perfection
that give you the funny feeling that the Lord is smiling on you,
holding you so gently because you are someone special and rare.

I wish You a day of Peace, Happiness and Joy!

See “A Wish For You” with graphics at Hideaway Fun.
The poem “A Wish For You” is widely distributed on the web without copyright.

Tony O. 12/22/04
MMI&R Glowing in Early Autumn

Much is happening around the Molesworth Lodge and Ranch this Autumn. With huge helps from Assistant Ranch Caretaker “Sholei” Morrow, we’re slowly catching up with exterior painting, fencing projects, and making antique John Deeres run again. Autumn is proving (so far) to be clear and sunny, green and yellow (turning to gold), easy for nature’s wild critters, and easy on our eyes too.

The Great Horned Owls are back from the north woods, the summer hawks are still hunting voles and grasshoppers, and bears visit us nightly (just a few apples left for them now) to build fat reserves against winter in hibernation.


Mr. Grizzly Visits Again

grizzly bearWe’ve begun to have Mr. Grizzly Bear visit us at the Lodge again. He and his friends come back every year in late September and early October, seeking to eat our plums, apples, pears, left over choke-cherries – and this year our plentiful mushrooms. It’s fun to see them, especially from a little distance, but my only complaint is they just do NOT know much about how to properly prune fruit trees. Other than that, and our having to be more careful moving around outdoors at night, bears are almost good company.
grizzly bear

Tony O. 10/3/04
Guest House Reroofed this Summer

TonyO on the Guesthouse roofThis summer we re-roofed the ranch Guest House using hand-split cedar shakes. Polly and “Nursie” (Phyllis Nowlen, RN) were my groundpersons. They laughed and cheered, and passed many shakes up the ladders for me, but mostly just laughed. The old double-sawed cedar shingles had survived for 63 years! But they were leaking, and leaking badly after any long dry spell, though prolonged gentle rain would swell them up and they were still keeping most of the weather out. The new roof is of my own Western Red Cedar, hand-splits 1″+ thick, rather rustic looking, and fastened with 3″ galvanized box nails. I wonder if they’ll survive 75 years’ service? I hope so, even though I likely won’t be here then to find out. I hope these photos prove beyond doubt that Ol’ ” Buckhannon Billy” can climb as well as split, that he can pound nails as fast as he can talk, and that he can count even at his advanced age! (There are 2,831 shakes up there folks! Count ‘em if you can! and I’m thankfully closing in on age 70 and still climbing ladders with arm loads of shakes, without pay. So there!)

the finished Guesthouse roofThe finished Guest House roof! Ta Da!

Tony O. 10/3/04
Water as Fuel, More on HYDRO

I get so busy and tired out working with Polly’s Alzheimers that I seldom have time to really think about or read deeper into the hydrofuel concept. However, your [that's me - JS] engineering “negative take” on HYDRO the first go-around has to be gently contested. So, I recommend this short page: 1 or 2 [© Stefan Ulrich - October 22, 2002] with his 7 links at the bottom. Note: the 1st link contains two typos: “hasslberger” and “tecno”; the 4th link contains one typo: “keelynet”. Then I also noted skimpy supporting technical info – as you likely will too.

A person would have to try this stuff to prove or disprove it. The problem in America today is, no one wants to bother – it’s still easier to buy gas from the oil patch kids at $2 bucks/gallon +/-. And the reality of the Patriot Act I & II is that anyone who seriously challenges Dubya (Harken Energy Company), Cheney (Halliburton Corp.), Condeleeza Rice (Chevron Oil Co.), et al, is that there’s no gold star for the loyal opposition in the uSofA today – if they perceive you being a “bad guy” (i.e. a threat to their established profit centers) they can lock you up and throw away the key. No writ of habeas corpus, no 4th Amendment Rights, no call to any attorney, no 72 hours until they MUST charge you or release you, and all your stuff is risked to confiscation and forfeiture. So, ever since 28 people close to the scene on 22 November 1963 died strangely after JFK’s assassination, most thinking Americans have had to keep their thoughts private! However, at my age, and considering Polly’s condition, I see no reason to fear those outcomes.

And will you at some point sharpen your engineer’s pencil and tell me again it won’t work even with modern materials, some of these combined techniques, using sea water (salty, and 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by it!) – or that, by gosh, one or more of these just might? And then, because we have a talented grant-writer connecting up, maybe she will get MMI&R into true scientific research via grant search and applications, using a John Deere tractor as the subject engine and later a Chrysler T&C Van for testing water MPG, engine wear, exhaust conversions to SS, temperatures for pre-heating water and ways to use engine and exhaust heat for that!

A happy rainy day to you from TonyO!

Tony O. 9/22/04
Hydrogen Production

Condensed from a paid Thomson Delphion patent search:

Title: US4490349: Hydrogen production

Country: US United States of America

Inventor: Horvath, Stephen; St. Ives, Australia

37 pages

Assignee: Beeston Company Limited, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
other patents from BEESTON COMPANY LIMITED (57860) (approx. 5)

Published / Filed: 1984-12-25 / 1981-08-17

Application Number: US1981000293801

IPC Code: C01B 13/00;

U.S. Class: Current: 423/657; 422/222; 422/240; 422/241; 423/658.2;
Original: 423/657; 422/222; 422/240; 422/241; 423/648.R;

Field of Search: 423/579,648 R,657 422/202,204,220,222,240,241

Priority Number: 1981-08-17 US1981000293801

Abstract: Method and apparatus for deriving hydrogen from superheated steam. Superheated steam is passed into chamber between opposing chamber walls. One of chamber walls is formed of a reactant such as iron which reacts exothermally with the superheated steam to liberate free hydrogen and to produce an oxidized compound such as ferric oxide. The other chamber wall is formed as a thin diffusion membrane permeable to hydrogen but relatively impermeable to steam and oxygen and hydrogen is extracted from the chamber by diffusion therethrough. The membrane is preferably made of palladium or a palladium-silver alloy to further decompose the superheated steam and enhance extraction of hydrogen. The reactant wall is heated at its side remote from the chamber in a reducing atmosphere to cause dissociation of the oxidized compound and removal of oxygen so as continuously to regenerate the reactant.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Biebel, French & Nauman ;

Primary / Assistant Examiners: Straub, Gary P.; Langel, Wayne A.

Maintenance Status: E2 Expired

INAPADOC Legal Status:

Family: None

First of 19 Claims:
I claim:

  1. A method of deriving hydrogen from superheated steam, comprising:
    1. passing the superheated steam into a reaction chamber in which it is exposed to a pair of chamber walls;
    2. a first chamber wall of said pair being comprised of a reactant capable of reacting exothermally with superheated steam to liberate free hydrogen and to produce an oxidized compound which is dissociable to release oxygen when heated at or above a dissociation temperature;
    3. the second chamber wall of said pair being comprised of a material which is permeable to hydrogen but relatively impermeable to steam and oxygen;
    4. heating said first chamber wall by applying heat to its face remote from the reaction chamber in a reducing atmosphere at or above said dissociation temperature whereby said face is maintained at a higher temperature than the face exposed to the superheated steam within the chamber and oxygen is taken away from said remote face by the reducing atmosphere such that said reactant reacts exothermally with the superheated steam in the chamber to liberate free hydrogen within the chamber and to produce said oxidized compound which compound dissociates so as to continuously regenerate the reactant; and
    5. withdrawing free hydrogen from said chamber by diffusion through said second chamber wall.

Background / Summary:

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Tony O. 7/26/04
Hydrogen Fuel

I hope to add a whole hydrogen fuel (or HYDRO) page someday, get an investor or a grant, and buck the oil patch kids – since water is free, and out the exhaust pipe of a HYDROCAR comes just a little water vapor. See KeelyNet‘s article on the Garrett Water Carburetor.