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dividerAlbert Kookesh on the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA)

Albert KookeshHow about parts of this interview with Albert Kookesh regarding the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act? Start with 8th para. & Albert’s answer, “When I first started thinking about it, it was always about the land. …”)

Below the interview, there are links to interviews with others, including Mike Gravel, who’s announced he will be a candidate for President of the USA in 2008. Mike points out that Alaska Natives received 40,000,000 acres of land under the ANCSA, and are free to determine how their lands are to be handled, preserved or developed. Given that land is an economic asset, and 40 million acres is a huge land base asset, and that the rest of Alaska is “locked up,” this may explain why the Alaska Native Brotherhood, the Alaska Independence Party, the Constitution Party, the Populist Party, the Green Party, the Independent Party, and the No Party Party (run by a woman and successful in several local elections) may someday exert political self- determination rights for all Alaskans, removing this huge state (twice the size of Texas) from what has become the “American Empire” which no longer resembles the Constitutional Republic founded in 1775 to 1789.

posted by Tony O. @ 11:39 PM on Tuesday, April 18, 2006
dividerMore “Freedom of Speech” claimed and exercised by TonyO.

Thinking and talking about “Resource Conservation” here in the Rocky Mountains one cannot omit “the feds”. And because “the feds” now are the political representatives and manifestations of BIG CORPORATIONS rather than We the People, or common sense as humans relate to Nature and Mother Earth, the problems don’t appear to be solvable. Think about energy, and you must deal with the fact that “the feds” in our Intermountain West control all the water, all the hydo-electric power generation, all the centralized electric power distribution, all the pricing, and even permit the graft, bribery, and corruption that we now see took place in the ENRON scam (where some Montana water and therefore electric power was shifted to California), and in the Montana Power fiasco (where all Montana’s major electric generation was sold off to out of state interests, including Kerr Dam which appears on the surface to belong to the S & K Tribes but in fact is still controlled by Bonneville Power Administration from Portland and DC).

Unfortunately for conservationists and preservationists, Montana and most of our Mountainnet area’s resources, though vast and rich, are controlled from elsewhere, and by BIG CORPORATIONS. BPA cares little about Montana and Montanans, so long as we quietly give up our water, so BPA can generate power through its 18 dams down the Columbia River system. It’s the same in Idaho’s Snake River drainage, just more and different dams. We could keep some ranches viable producing grass and hay, but BPA’s “bottom line” is worth $$ billions $$, so the water leaves, the ranches fail, and real estate developers subdivide them and sell them off.

Back in 1980, Montana offered to quantify and adjudicate all water rights – just send in $40 bucks per filing they said. Here we are now, 25 years later, no adjudications yet in Lake County or on the Flathead Indian Reservation, but Montana demands another $20 bucks per filing! Say what? So, We the People are mere trinkets on the land, and our Rights mean nothing to these bureaucrats. The controllers foment schemes to divide us and conquer us, work tribal people off against owners of irrigated ranchlands, so BPA & its beneficiaries can steal the water. Local people lose. PBA and the ENRON-type looters win, BIG! Never mind that water is also 2/3 Hydrogen, the ultimate energy source and cleanest burning fuel.

It’s the same in every “resource” play going on in Montana and neighboring states: trees become lumber, particle board, plywood and paper, and those are big corporate bucks – never mind that trees are also habitat, and let’s not even argue over how best they might be harvested, or that Industrial Hemp might become source for most of the paper pulp and never a tree be cut for papermaking; wild game becomes hunting and fishing license revenue, the only official concern being availability for out of state permittees who pay the most to hunt; coal and the power generated from burning it now leaves Montana, but how much of the “Coal Tax” remains in Montana’s Permanent Fund? All Montana’s daily newspapers were owned and published by an Iowa Corporation until recently. In short, Montanan’s have no real voice in any resource issue, because we’ve been divided and conquered, neutered and rendered ineffective. Even owning a homestead with water rights is a joke – we’re paying high taxes, like exhorbitant rent , for nothing! Someone else, somewhere else, controls! They benefit. Except for living here and watching it slowly degrade, we do not!

posted by Tony O. @ 9:43 AM on Wednesday, March 08, 2006


TonyO, FWIW:
The $20 every 2 years for 10 years (water well adjudication fee) goes directly into Montana’s general tax fund so, in fact, it’s just another way to raise our taxes.

posted by J.S. @ 1:43:06 AM on Thursday, March 09, 2006
dividerdixienet as a framework for this blog

Hi Jerry!

Thanks for the blog suggestion – I’ve read a few threads but never posted to any so I need to try them out and see how they work. Separate from MMI, but maybe linked to, I’d consider 2 subjects: “Energynet” and “Mountainnet” – setting up homepages and blog pages in those 2 areas. For the “Mountainnet” concept, see this site called dixienet.

Try to be open-minded on what they intend. “Succession” is a “far out” concept, defeated back in 1863, and a hopeless cause at present. However, re-learning a culture, building that via homeschools, developing the geographical attributes in their south (our intermountain region) – there’s much positive direction in their plan.

There’s an Alaska Independence Party, which if its combined with the Alaska Native Brotherhood composes almost half of Alaska’s population. There’s a Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement – perhaps 350,000 people out of their 1.5 million. Now I see League of The South here. Are there others? I’ll look around to see.

The Soviet Union broke apart! The “Evil Empire” is no more! The principle of political self-determination might be a viable way to save our Constitutional Rebublic and the environment, & move to sustainable and renewable energy, and maybe the best way to effect it IS to unseat the oilpatch kids using loyal opposition movements, like this one!

Anyway, I’m just thinking out loud here, and speaking freely under the First Amendment.


posted by Tony O. @ 2:40 PM on Tuesday, March 07, 2006