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dividerRun Your Car On Water!

Nice find! But, this is a different fella – not the Denny Cline or Kline in Clearwater, FL pictured in the FOX News Channel 26 video clip report – but this fella’s advocating the same method. And his manual is already available.

Yes, I believe it works, but it costs way more than the manual (only $39.95). There are other manuals available on eBay, both in print form and on CD and DVD for computer reading and storage. Search eBay auctions for “hydrolizer”. And it may not be economical yet.

I’m hoping someone will come up with (besides the booklets) a complete conversion kit permitting alteration of popular makes of cars in one’s garage or back yard, available at NAPA, Carquest, Champion, Sears, JC Whitney, etc. for under $500 bucks.

A do-it-yourselfer would need:

  • Larger water tanks – because water is NOT going to produce the same MPG as gas – of stainless steel or plastics
  • A super-sized alternator
  • An off-the shelf hydrolizer – I don’t believe most of us are capable of making one, but we need to try it – some are auctioned on eBay at times
  • Stainless steel exhaust pipe and muffler – water and water vapor rust plain steel
  • Stainless steel valves, guides, and fuel pump parts
  • Coatings for the block, piston tops, and head to avoid hydrogen embrittlement
  • Computerized controls to enhance efficiency
  • A condensor to convert exhaust water vapor back into water – adding this to the fuel stream might increase efficiency by maybe 40%.

If the car was driven every day without fail, one could by-pass the last 4 items – for a while. Adding special lubricants, and substituting Slick-50 and other types of coatings would make a converted engine last longer. But eventually hydrogen from water will rust or corrode some part and the failure rate will be high at first.

If the national leadership “declared war” on pertrofuels and instituted a crash program towards conversion to hydrogen fuels, and solar PV to split water for non-distributive uses based on using sea water, this could be accomplished in 3-5 years. But where’s the national leadership? Controlled by corporations and their lobbyists, bogged down now defending its errors, and unable to see the handwriting on the wall!

I have a John Deere “H” with 2 gas tanks I want to convert and run on water. It was built to start on gas and then run on kerosene or distillate once up to higher temps.

I could start it on gas from the small tank, and switch to running on water, gravity- flowing from the larger tank – once the over-size generator that I plan to bolt in and belt up is sending juice to the hydrolizer, and there’s enough hydrogen at the carburetor. (The Garretts in Texas found hydrogen was instantly available for starting their Model “A” Ford in 1935 so they eliminated a separate “starting cycle”.)

If run every day, with additives and coatings my “H” might not rust up, but I’d planned to re-build and restore this tractor anyway, so would have stainless steel valves, exhaust system, and other “racing” parts on hand for when it failed.

Tractors may not be a good demo, because Joe 6 Pak needs to see statistics for converting a Ford, Chevy, Dodge being used in daily commuting. And Van pool vans may be a better market anyway – some of them already run on diesel and bio-diesel.

On another subject, did you note that Montana’s legislature last year authorized growing of “Industrial Hemp”, which was our larget agricultural crop 100 years ago! It grows 12 feet tall, suppresses weeds like sunflowers do, and one can squeeze oils from the stems, ferment the biomass that’s left into alcohol, then use the fiber as higher protein cattle feed, or turn it into paper and/or cotton substitute and make jeans, shirts, jackets, etc. No more tree cutting needed to make paper! Small hemp mills re-invigorating the prairie towns that are dying off.

Naturally, the “feds” will try to hinder this, setting up a states Rights contest in which our farmer governor will have the upper hand. As happened in the novel “Ecotopia” by Ernest Callenbach, over “cars”. If the hemp material were grown, converted, and used within Montana, the feds cannot claim regulatory powers under the Interstate Commerce clause!

posted by Tony O. @ 2:41:23 PM on Monday, January 29, 2007
dividerWater Fuel

Fox26 Report (3 Mb) - TV news feature of Denny Klein’s technology.

Hi Andy!

More on water fuel for Ecotopians! Not just for welding/burning/cutting – but note his conversion of his car and that he’s patenting, that he aims for the mass market – in Amerika first – hopefully a conversion kit that anyone can install in his garage.

Anyone can do it, but if you read through the Keeleynet pages and Pop Garrett’s patent drawings and noted the hydrogen requirements in a low compression (gas) engine, it can be expensive to convert just one engine.

One needs more than the “hydrolizer” (plans and sometimes the off-the-shelf item itself are auctioned on eBay!). One needs an:

  • oversize alternator to run the hydrolizer,
  • a much larger fuel (water) tank because water only yields maybe 8 MPG,
  • and stainless steel valves, rings, piston liners, exhaust pipe and muffler, and other “race car” equipment,
  • and some way to counter hydrogen “embrittlement” of the steel and cast iron engine block, head, and pistons. (This is all way easier now thanks to Teflon, Slick-50, and other coatings.)

One way to expedite this would be for you to:

  • print this up,
  • add as many photos and “references” as you can find,
  • and offer the brochure on your eBay site!

Credit this guy, of course, and the clip – they’ll appreciate the boost! My guess is you could sell 1,000 of these brochures a week on eBay! Betcha!

Peace and tranquillity to you from TonyO aka “Deerefly2U”.

posted by Tony O. @ 10:03:38 AM on Saturday, January 27, 2007